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The Face of Commercial General Contractors

Sep 2023

Founded as a small construction company in 1949, Nabholz has grown into a full range of construction contractors including industrial, excavation and environmental services across 13 locations in seven states.

Nabholz takes a 360 approach to caring for customers and employees and building our communities. Our groundbreaking wellness program has been featured in the HBO documentary series Weight of the Nation and numerous national events as a model for other organizations. We emphasize preventative care, which has helped Nabholz’s insurance premiums stay below the national average and helped employees detect early signs of treatable health issues, such as rising blood sugar numbers.

We are committed to growing our employees by creating careers in construction, not just jobs. To give employees the tools they need to develop trade and leadership skills, we established Nabholz University in 1973. Nabholz University now encompasses over 10 different programs that provide development opportunities for all employees.

The ability to give back and serve our communities comes from a culture of servant leadership that permeates our company. In fiscal year 2021, our charitable foundation made $156,000 in one-time donations and pledged $470,000 to 13 different organizations, and our operations contributed $495,000 in sponsorships and donations to 205 organizations.

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