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The Face of Garage Makeovers

Sep 2023

Mark & Shelly Long of Garage Experts in Springfield, MO
Photo by Josh BeecheMark & Shelly Long

Ready to make a big-impact upgrade to a part of your business you might not have thought about? Transform your plain flooring  into an instant showcase area with an epoxy coating system professionally installed by the Garage Experts. Our high quality, “direct to concrete epoxy” product wicks deep into the concrete, forming an extremely strong bond that is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty not to peel or flake. Plus, our high quality top coats leave a bright finish that is extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Now that you’re dreaming of what your floor could be, are you noticing a need to find a solution for the clutter? We also offer our own line of custom storage cabinets and organizing systems designed to match your new floor, making one of the highest traffic areas of your business both beautiful and functional.

We are passionate about revitalizing any unattractive commercial floor, showroom, basement or patio in 417-land. With over 100 different custom flakes to choose from, we can create a variety of color combinations that fit perfectly with your needs and personal style in a cost-effective way.

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