Where Chris Jarratt Looks for Inspiration Online

When Chris Jarratt, partner and creative director at Revel Advertising, is in search of fresh ideas and news from the creative world, he turns to these Twitter and Instagram accounts for new perspective.

By Jenna deJong

May 2018

Four to Follow on Twitter with Chris Jarratt of Revel Advertising

Design Taxi
“It takes what’s going right and wrong in advertising and has really good takes about tricks and tips and ideas you can steal [for your own business].” @designtaxi

Kyle Drenon
“He is the marketing director at Murney [Associates Realtors] and has a good take on what’s actually relevant from a marketing standpoint.” @kdrenon

Springfield Creatives
“If you have any kind of leaning toward creativity then it’s a great organization to be a part of or to follow to know what’s going on in that world.”  @sgfcreatives

The Dieline
“My go-to for package design inspiration.” @thedieline