CMH Neurologist Curtis Schreiber Follows His Own Advice

An avid biker, Citizens Memorial Hospital Neurologist Curtis Schreiber, has clocked 49,805 miles since 2005.

By Trinh Nguyen

May 2018

Citizens Memorial Hospital neurologist Curtis Schreiber biking in his downtime
Photo by Aaron Tallant

For Citizens Memorial Hospital neurologist Curtis Schreiber, his motivation for biking came from what he tells his patients to do every day: exercise as much as they can. An avid biker, Schreiber has clocked 49,805 miles—enough to circle the globe twice—since he first installed an odometer on his bike in July 2005. He considers his passion for biking a way for him to inspire others to do the same. “It really comes from what I preach for me and the patients,” he says.

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