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KOLR 10's Jeremy Rabe's Colorful Office

Co-host of Ozarks Live and Co-star of Ozarks Pickers Jeremy Rabe needs an office as bright and fun as his creative personality. He took us behind the scenes to see how he finds inspiration for the next great idea to share with viewers.

By Rose Marthis

Mar 2018

Jeremy Rabe's Office Space Photo by Brandon AlmsRabe and his co-stars moved into this office in the KOLR 10 building in November 2017. The self-proclaimed loud bunch of the company, his team kept moving around and finally landed in this room, where they can be as loud as they want. Now it has become a hub for socializing after filming is over, and Rabe wanted his co-workers to be able to stop by his desk to de-stress. The space encompasses creativity for him, where he’s always one glance away from a beloved memory or a fun gift that reminds him of why he does what he does. “I have to have a colorful environment,” he says. “It’s fun to incorporate things you collect over the years and add to what you have.”
Jeremy Rabe's Office Space
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe top shelf on Rabe’s wall houses things that are close to his heart. The picture frames display the first article written about him in 417 Magazine and his Best of 417 awards that Rabe says he was “so proud to earn.” The dogs are gifts from viewers who connect with Rabe’s love of animals and being a rescue owner. The Seattle bell was part of his grandmother’s collection—Rabe is close to his grandma, who gave him his first hot glue gun and sparked the creative fire he uses today.
Jeremy Rabe's Office Space
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe DREAM sign is the most important piece to Rabe and the first thing he puts in every new office. It’s his reminder to never give up. “Everyone needs that little bit of encouragement, and that sign has always done it for me,” he says.
Jeremy Rabe's Office Space

A spring and summer lover, Rabe is an avid gardener and has a healthy collection of plants in his office. The ficus in the corner is home to garlands and decorations that add even more color to the space. How does he keep so many varieties alive? Rabe’s tip for plant owners is to keep the tag in or on the planter to see the watering and feeding directions. “I know what I need to do to make that plant live forever,” he says.

Jeremy Rabe's Office Space

Freddy the Frog, named by Rabe’s nephew, lives in a mini jungle on his desk. Rabe has had it since he was in college in the late 1990s, and it has moved with him to every place he’s lived. “I fell in love with it, and I can’t get rid of it,” he says.

Jeremy Rabe's Office Space

This corner of Rabe’s desk holds reminders of his past. The paint swatch craft (far left) was one of the first crafts he ever did on TV. His show used to be about home design tips, but that quickly turned into creating projects. Both pillows were gifts: The cat from Harrison House Market and the blue photo collage from Sew Unique in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The wall canvases serve as a reminder to Rabe of when he worked at Pier 1 Imports and let him reflect on how far he’s come.

Photos by Brandon Alms
Jeremy Rabe's Office Space
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe second shelf, designated the “hodgepodge shelf,” holds more memories and items that help Rabe in his day-to-day life. The teacup rack is another ode to his grandmother, inspired by handwritten recipes that decorate the back. The puzzle picture frame was a Valentine’s Day project he did for his show, FYI Guy. Rabe is sometimes tasked with staging a set or a scene for filming, so the vase and gold elephant come in handy for that. He finds most of his decor pieces at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales, he says. The ruby red slippers bring back memories of the Wizard of Oz–themed Halloween show the crew did for Ozarks Live. And Rabe keeps the jazzy Santa up there so it can be Christmas all year long. “Every December we hear that we shouldn’t think like this once a year,” he says. “If we treated all year like Christmastime, the world would be a better place.”