What wellness program would work best for my employees?

The healthiest workplaces have healthy employees. Use our flowchart to learn how three successful Springfield businesses are inspiring their employees to live healthful lives, then create a similar program for your own team.

By Savannah Waszczuk

Mar 2016

Healthy competition

SRC Companies

Those with a competitive drive may be successful with a program similar to the one at SRC Companies. After their yearly Health Risk Assessments, employees are encouraged to set their own wellness goal for the year and pay into a jackpot. The company hosts three different wellness challenges each year. “It works well here because SRC naturally is a very competitive group,” SRC’s Corporate Wellness Coordinator Shayna Burchard says. Employees track progress with a point system and six-week check-ins, and at the end of each challenge, those who have met their goals split the jackpot.


One-on-one coaching

American National

Patricia Moncada, the Wellness Coordinator at American National, works as a coach for employees. The company’s wellness program starts with a Health Risk Assessment once per year, and then employees meet with Moncada to choose their wellness goals and develop a plan. Employees are invited to attend educational health and wellness-related presentations twice per month, and they check in with Moncada at least once per quarter to discuss their progress. “I work with them to create smart goals that are specific, measurable and achievable,” Moncada says. 


Online tracking system

Mercy Springfield

Mercy Springfield’s 10,000-some employees are encouraged to participate in the company’s Healthification program. “Employees and covered spouses can track their healthy activities on an online portal,” says Amy Francis, Health and Wellness Coordinator at Mercy Springfield. Participants earn points for participating in exercise and local healthy activities, being tobacco free and completing online workshops on a variety of health-related topics. Also, they can even get money back on their paychecks. The online portal provides easy access and works well for the company’s large size.