3 Tips for Launching and Learning

Arianna Russell, owner of Bodacious Cases shares her wisdom for making your ideas a reality, even if you’re still young and learning along the way.

By Rose Marthis | Photo by Brandon Alms

Mar 2016

Tip 1: Listen, then do your own thing. 

“You will never get everyone fully on board with your ideas. Knowing that, you have to explain your plans and reasoning in order to develop cooperation to make your ideas a reality. You then listen to [everyone’s] input and follow your gut to reach the best possible outcome.”

Tip 2: Be okay with letting go.

“I have ideas all the time. I have had to give up on numerous ideas—not every idea is a good one. When I invented the Band-It Case by Bodacious Cases, I wanted to develop two or three prototypes. I quickly learned you can’t do everything. You learn to do your best with limited resources.”

Tip 3: Stick to your gut.

“I used to get told by people if what I wanted to do was do-able, all the big companies would have already done it. Since I was a young female with no experience in inventing or manufacturing, I couldn’t do it. I want to grow my companies to help the local economy and teach kids the importance of not giving up when someone tells you that you can’t do something your heart feels strongly about.”