A Home Away from Home with Meridian Title Company

Complete with local art, stylish and comfortable furniture and even an office dog named Clozer, Meridian Title Company at 1334 E. Republic Road is a welcoming environment for a home closing.

By Tessa Cooper

May 2022

Dog on couch
Photo by Brandon AlmsClozer, the office dog, adds another welcoming touch to the office. The company pays for his food and vet visits, but he goes home at night with the company’s southwest regional manager. Purchase Photo

Jeremy Burcham, who co-owns the business with his wife, Emily Burcham, gave us a tour and insight into creating an inviting office. “The goal in the design work that we do is to make everyone feel like they’re walking into their home,” Burcham says. The carpet has a purple tint, which is a nod to the main Meridian Title Company brand color, and the corner barn door is a clever way to close off two of the seven closing spaces.

Barn doors
Photos by Brandon AlmsA tree painting by local artist Jorge Ortiz hangs in each closing room. The names of the closing rooms correspond with the type of tree depicted by Ortiz, and a labeled plaque hangs above each doorway. This makes it easy to direct clients and realtors to the correct space for a closing. Other paintings hang throughout the office, as well as at the company’s northside location. Purchase Photo
Coffee bar
Photos by Brandon AlmsThis office features two snack and coffee bars for clients and employees. A cappuccino is only the press of a button away, and the beverage fridge stays stocked even during busy closing seasons. Ozarks Saw and Lumber created the live-edge countertops seen here and throughout the office. Purchase Photo
Alcohol bar
Photos by Brandon AlmsBurcham also owns Whiskey River Market in Ozark, Missouri, as well as a portfolio of other businesses tied to the mortgage and real estate industry. He uses this room located in the back of the title company to host various business meetings for all of his companies. Purchase Photo
Two leather chairs
Photos by Brandon AlmsThe office shows off an abundance of comfortable lounge furniture, ideal for such a client-facing company. Most of Meridian Title Company’s furniture comes from Ashley HomeStore. Pro tip: Burcham says to ask for Bethany Molica when you visit. “We can tell her we need five couches, and she knows what couches,” he says. Purchase Photo
Front desk
Photos by Brandon AlmsEach of the 11 Meridian Title Company locations across southwest Missouri features limestone framing the front desk. “We strive for a certain look and feel throughout all of our offices,” Burcham says. “We like for them to look modern yet comfortable.” Purchase Photo
MTC sign
Photos by Brandon AlmsBurcham commissioned a piece by Signarama to hang on the wall near the exit. As guests leave, it makes an ideal photo spot for real estate agents and clients to commemorate signing on a home or commercial property. The sign changes colors to celebrate holidays and events, like red to honor the Kansas City Chiefs or pink to raise awareness for breast cancer in October. Purchase Photo