Peek Inside President Carol Taylor's Office at Evangel University

Carol Taylor is retiring as president of Evangel University. But before she steps down, she shows off the mementos and paintings that have inspired her throughout her career.

By Briley Rakow

May 2020

Evangel University President Carol Taylor in her office
Photo by Brandon AlmsEvangel University President Carol Taylor's office is full of mementos that inspire her. Purchase Photo

The president of Evangel University, Carol Taylor, has served dutifully at several universities throughout her career, and her office is proof of the type of leader she is, with reminders of patience and servitude all around. Taylor is leaving a legacy, but before she officially retires, find out what helped motivate her over the years.

Photos by Brandon AlmsPainting of a woman holding a child | “At a university I worked at in the past, we had a global center for women’s injustice. At our annual auction, I found this painting. An artist painted this from a picture at a women’s center in India that helped human trafficking victims. For me, it’s a powerful image of the need to fight the kinds of things that harm people.”
Photos by Brandon Alms#24 | “On the night he was betrayed, Christ washed all 24 feet of his disciples. The frame reminds me that as long as I sit in this chair [as president], I have a duty to serve all people.”
Photos by Brandon AlmsImages from Costa Rica | “These pictures were gifts from my trip to Costa Rica. We saw a lot of large royal blue hummingbirds, and my mother adored hummingbirds, so the pictures remind me of her.”
Photos by Brandon AlmsCaricature | “When I stepped into the president position at Vanguard University, the board took me to have this made by a woman who went to the university. We got to talking, and I was so moved by her story, I promised her this would hang in my office forever.”
Photos by Brandon AlmsImage of a chapel | “This is an image of a chapel I used to go to every summer. There was a flood that washed it all away, but I found a photographer who took this picture on the morning before it was destroyed.”
Photos by Brandon AlmsThird class stagecoach ticket | “It’s a reminder that if you’re in the lead seat, you exist to serve those that make the institution work.”
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