Recalibrating Expectations with ECRI

Find out how ECRI founder Kevin Wyas found an easier way to reprogram onboard computer systems in vehicles for customization while optimizing his business in the face of shortages and other difficulties.

By Max Havey

Mar 2024

ECRI Bluetooth device
Photo by Tessa CooperECRI is designed to recalibrate the onboarded settings on a vehicle, specifically on Jeeps and RAM trucks. Purchase Photo

Calibrating systems in your vehicle to make specific modifications and customizations to the factory settings is an understandably difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. This is what founder Kevin Wyas set out to solve with ECRI, a tool designed to recalibrate the onboarded settings on a vehicle, specifically on Jeeps and RAM trucks.

The common issues ECRI helps to solve are recalibrating settings to accommodate larger wheel sizes on a Jeep or adding a back-up camera, among other customizations. Operating a local off-road shop for 17 years, Wyas was well acquainted with the difficulties around calibrating these settings. “There were products on the market that got some similar results, but they were really hard to use,” Wyas says. This sparked the idea for Wyas to find a way to simplify this process. “It’s a small Bluetooth device you plug into the diagnostic port on your vehicle, then you open up the app on your phone and you can reprogram your vehicle in 30 seconds,” Wyas says.

Wyas sold his off-road shop in 2017 to focus on building ECRI and by January 2020, the first version of ECRI was ready for the market and in the last year has become a one-man operation for Wyas. Like many things in 2020, the pandemic and automotive chip shortage that followed significantly impacted Wyas’ ability to meet demand, but also offered an optimization opportunity. “The chip shortage hurt big time, but it proved there was a market and gave me the tools to make everything how I want it going forward,” Wyas says. Now that Wyas has weathered these rough waters, he can begin to expand to other makes and models, specifically Ford vehicles, and begin to focus on the growth potential ECRI has to offer.