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Callie Maggard, Valerie Sharlin, Dr. Ken Sharlin, Rachel Wemple
Photo by Leah StiefermannCallie Maggard, Valerie Sharlin, Dr. Ken Sharlin, Rachel Wemple


5528 N. Farmer Branch Rd.
Ozark, MO
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About Sharlin Health and Neurology

Sharlin Health & Neurology offers neurological healthcare with a focus on health, rather than illness. Although they have a deep understanding of the diseases that affect the brain and nervous system, their focus is patient centered, offering hope and solutions that holistically look at each patient’s unique healthcare journey. Their goal is to help patients change the trajectory of their illness beyond medications and identify and address why they got sick in the first place, and help patients be empowered to become the best versions of themselves.

When you come to Sharlin Health and Neurology, you are joining a family of dedicated, caring, and passionate professionals who are ready to help guide you through all the possibilities.