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Employees of OakStar Bank Springfield MO
Left to right: Rita Baron, Chairman of the board, Oakstar Bancshares; Jessie Tindall, Senior Vice PResident, Private Banking Manager; Layne McBride, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services; Renee Samuels, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer/Culture CEO


2155 W. Chesterfield St.
Springfield, MO
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About OakStar Bank

Imagine walking into a cozy home and being greeted by old friends. Now, imagine these same friends helping you with your banking needs. OakStar Bank is all about creating close relationships. Not only do each of their team members genuinely enjoy what they do, but they also love creating fun banking experiences and actively serving the 417 community.

The bank is firmly committed to its values, which are appropriately represented by the acronym SERVE: Stewardship, Empathy, Responsiveness, Vision and Empowerment.

These values define OakStar’s company culture because employees and their families are always put first. When the team is happy, their customers will be happy from the moment they walk into the bank’s doors. They can expect to be greeted by friendly people who know their name, care about them and are excited for their future.

At OakStar, banking is about helping customers take some of the biggest steps in their individual journeys, from buying the home of their dreams to making their small business goals come to life. In addition, OakStar’s team members share the same passion for the communities they serve. Whether they are sponsoring a local event, volunteering at the local food pantry or even coaching the youth baseball team, these bankers are active and caring citizens who will leave a lasting legacy.

As a part of an ever-changing business community, OakStar believes that diversity, flexibility and empowerment are needed to create both solutions and success. Similar to how customers receive a distinct banking experience, each female member of OakStar’s team is a leader in her own way. Rita Baron is Chairman of the Board at OakStar Bancshares. Renee Samuels is the Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer/Culture CEO. Layne McBride is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Services. Jessie Tindall is the Senior Vice President and Private Banking Manager. These are just a few examples of outstanding role models for women both at OakStar and throughout 417-land.

“So, who really enjoys banking?” Well, not only are OakStar’s customers about to see and feel the difference, but the surrounding community will as well.