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Dr. Taylor Jordan, Dr. Seth Gray, Dr. Grant Olson, Dr. Megan Westrich of Innovative Dental in Springfield, Missouri
Dr. Taylor Jordan, Dr. Seth Gray, Dr. Grant Olson, Dr. Megan Westrich


3424 S. Culpepper Ct.
Springfield, MO
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About Innovative Dental

For eight years, Innovative Dental has brought versatile skill sets and high-tech solutions to both dentistry and orthodontics in 417-land.

One of their notable specialties is creating custom crowns, bridges and veneers. Thanks to an in-house CEREC® 3D imaging technology process, patients can walk away with a cosmetically enhanced smile without having to make multiple follow-up appointments. Innovative Dental applies their hassle-free, precise techniques to an Accelerated Invisalign option, which straightens patients’ teeth 70% faster than traditional Invisalign. And their Galileos™ 3D Imaging System provides guided implants as well. The ability to thoroughly display a patient’s oral anatomy helps Innovative’s doctors to diagnose and treat issues that are often difficult to detect with traditional x-rays.

Innovative Dental’s top-of-the-line services are not the only things patients smile about. Their new location recently opened near Highway 65 and Evans Road, which is just south of Springfield. Treatment rooms feature a floor-to-ceiling view of a tranquil courtyard, and their cutting-edge Cosmetic and Implant Suites offer living room amenities. Step inside, and you’ll see that Innovative Dental loves making patients feel right at home. The two-story campus also has an LED billboard displaying before and after pictures of former patients who are now confidently sharing their new grins.

Thanks to an extensive presence on social media and excellent online reviews, Innovative Dental has many patients, several of whom travel across the country to receive care from their exceptional team. To help meet the demands accompanying this growth, they welcomed Dr. Seth Gray in 2020. Dr. Gray graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City’s School of Dentistry in 2015, and the team is excited to see how his expertise and insight will further enhance the practice.

Each of Innovative Dental’s team members invests in continuing education so that they can provide efficient and high quality treatment for children, teens and adults. Their goal is to keep patients ”smiling for life” through a perfect combination of personal connection and, of course, “innovative” care. Contact Innovative Dental today to experience the power of a restored smile!

New Teeth in One Day Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers and Crowns