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Team at 180 Health in Springfield, MO
Laurie Vanderhoof; Joshua Maher; Shelby Bailey; Crystal Smith, LMT; Michelle Bay NP; Gary Meek, DC; Erica Cox; Tara Meek; Amber Ressett


1936 S. Glenstone Ave.
Springfield, MO
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About 180 Health

What if you could be healthier just by kicking back, putting your feet up and scrolling through your phone or resting your eyes?

It’s called IV Therapy, and it’s available at 180° Health! 180° Health recently opened in the Plaza Shopping Center, founded by the locally owned and trusted team at Meek Chiropractic. Their IV treatments deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants directly to your body’s cells—with lasting results!

This time of year and with the current health climate, preventing illness is at the top of everyone’s minds. 180° Health has an IV Therapy for that! The “Original” Vitamindrip® helps fight the flu, cold, allergies and more, strengthening your body against a weakened immune system. It also restores your body from the stress of a hectic lifestyle, fatigue and muscle aches.

There are IV options for nearly every priority, including weight loss, cosmetic collagen producers, libido enhancers, athletic performance, energy, brain health, mood support, hydration and much more.

180° Health was founded with the mission to provide a broader spectrum of healthcare options to 417-landers, with compassionate patient care and a whole body approach. Turn your health around. Turn your life around. Contact 180° Health for a wellness consultation today.