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Zach Fletcher Brings Simulated Golf to Branson

How Zach Fletcher brought the trending activity of simulated golf to Branson.

By Karen Bliss

Sep 2023

Simulated golf stock photo
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The southwest Missouri golf experience has accelerated to the next level: fully immersive golf simulators.

Zach Fletcher, owner of Meta Golf Branson, says golfing at its one-stop shop for golf is not what you might expect of digital golfing. “The system is state-of-the-art; it was the No. 1 golf manager for five years with Golf Digest.”

Fletcher says golfing with Meta Golf is like Topgolf, but a full simulator. You view whichever course you select from more than 200 courses, made just like real-life courses, on a screen while standing on a 1,500-pound platform that moves with you. If you’re moving up a hill, the system raises up, just as if you were standing on that hill, or the feeling of the terrain changes from sand to grass. “The system is so true to golf,” Fletcher says.

Meta Golf Branson also has a full-time PGA professional on staff, a full pro shop and a driving range.

“I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and most of my family is out here in Branson now,” he says. “After my father retired from the Air Force, we just wanted to get back into the area. Something that was missing here was a true pros’ shop and a fun, inexpensive form of golf.”

Fletcher says he’s been golfing since he was 6, and the sport is a passion his family shares. He says Branson has become a big golf tourist town, with local courses, but Meta Golf is just adding to that, bringing in course options from all over the world, like California’s Pebble Beach or courses from Japan, which can all be played at Meta Golf.

“The system is made to actually build your game up and play courses from around the world,” he says. “We have courses that are absolute gems to play but cost so much money to travel to and to play.”

Meta Golf also offers tournaments and leagues that enthusiasts can participate in. Since it opened back in June, golfers started coming in for training, shopping at the pro shop, taking classes or participating in tournaments. But, Fletcher says, anyone can golf, purchase drinks and snacks, and enjoy the day. “A lot of times, we just want golfers to have a good time,” he says. “We will give them a few pointers and help them out. We’ve already had a lot of great reviews come in from customers and friends who have come in to just have a great time. After all, that’s what it’s all about.”