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Women in Business

Vicky Owens on the Importance of Women in Support Roles

As the marketing director and now human resources director for Volt Credit Union for the past 34 years, Vicky Owens advocates for the women in business who keep things running.

by Rae Swan Snobl

Jan 2021

Vicky Owens at Volt Credit Union
Photo courtesy Volt Credit UnionVicky Owens is human resources director at Volt Credit Uniom

Biz 417: Why is it important to recognize women in supporting roles?
Vicky Owens: Often when we think of “Ladies Who Launch,” the focus is on women in top positions--CEOs and business owners, but behind those powerful ladies is an entire network of people who are integral to the company and to the CEO’s success. I like to think of these people as the ones behind the curtain who, just like the great wizard, turn dials and press buttons to make amazing things happen.


Volt Credit Union logo

Biz: What are some tips you have for women in supporting roles?
Part of our job is helping those we support to be successful, so we should anticipate what support that person needs before they need it. We have to think ahead and be ready to hand them the hammer when they ask for it, so to speak. When they win, we win. Also, speak up and ask for support and training when you need it. Sometimes women can be timid and they get overlooked for advancement opportunities or not receive the tools they need to do their job. Be your own advocate. Look for opportunities to grow and take them.

Biz: How can women in business better support one another?
There are only so many seats at the top, so when a woman attains that position, it’s great to celebrate them. However, some women have no desire to be the CEO and are successful and productive in our own right. We also need to celebrate these women who are happy working behind the curtain, using their talents and skills to help others. All are important and worthy to be recognized for their hard work!

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