People Centric SMART Goals

Set goals the SMART way.

By Randy Mayes

Jan 24 2017 at 8:55 a.m.


The concept of SMART Goals has been around for a while. The acronym most often stands for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based. It is a guide to setting useful goals, but it is not research-based. We've created a researched-based acronym related to goals that are People Centric and take into account how people are motivated. 


S — Specific — This one doesn't change. Goals need to be specific, not general, because people need clarity to be successful. 


M — Meaningful — People are more likely to execute a goal if they are part of a compelling purpose that means something. Abstract goals are difficult to follow when people lack a connection with purpose behind the goal.


A — Agreement — The likelihood of accomplishing a goal increases dramatically if the people involved make a personal commitment to the goal and to the purpose behind the goal. This is more than a passive agreement.


R — Reach — Goals aren't meaningful if they are too easy or too hard. People like to be challenged to do something better than they have done before as long as they also see it as realistic.


T — Tell — People like to look successful to their peers, so it is important that goals are shared with others. If you want to be more likely to accomplish a goal, tell a lot of people about it. 


Setting goals is a great way to become more successfully both individually and as a team. By setting People Centric SMART Goals, you can be even more successful.