People Centric February Insights

Each month, we go to the team at People Centric Consulting Group to gather their own insights based on real experiences with organizations:

By Don Harkey

Feb 01 2016 at midnight


“People do things for good reasons, but it is their reasons, not yours. When you look to try to explain the actions of others, you will gain the most insight if you can try to look at it from their perspective. People generally act rationally.”—Randy Mayes

“If you are waiting for the right time to do strategic planning, it may never happen. Strategic planning is one of those things you can always put off in order to meet more immediate needs. Make time to plan.”—Matt Battaglia

“Clarity doesn’t always lead to buy in. Just because a manager is clear in setting expectations for employees doesn’t mean that employees will be all-in in executing that direction. Great managers set a clear direction and, when possible, get their employees to help them to determine the details so that they buy in to the final solution.”—Jenn Harrison

Don Harkey is a partner and co-founder of People Centric Consulting Group in Springfield, Missouri and provides strategic planning, seminars, public speaking, and resources for businesses and organizations.