March Insights

Each month, we go to the team at People Centric Consulting Group to gather their own insights based on real experiences with organizations

By People Centric Consulting Group

Mar 09 2016 at 2 a.m.


“Success isn't something just stumbled upon. It is based on drive and organization. A person must have the drive and passion to see projects to completion and work well with others. They must be organized in order to manage projects from looking at all the details to managing the time. Success is developed one project at a time, one accomplishment at a time.”Jenn Harrison

“Perspectives hold a lot of value. Employees must consider the perspectives of the employer, and employers must consider the perspectives of their employees. When this is done, a lot can be accomplished.”—Don Harkey

“When starting a business with partners, it is vital to develop effective habits and communication plans that can help prevent issues from occurring later in the future. If these are not developed early, it has the potential to harm your people and organization in the future.”—Matt Battaglia