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Paperwise is the 2019 Excellence in Technology Enterprise Technology Award Winner

Day-to-day business activity has seen dramatic improvements for some Springfield, MO businesses thanks to the team at Paperwise. With a custom software solution under their belts, they're poised to help even more businesses in the near future.

By Juliana Goodwin

May 2019

Biz 417's Excellence in Technology Enterprise Technology Award winner Paperwise of Springfield MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsEnterprise Technology Award Winner: Paperwise Purchase Photo

Mid- to large-sized businesses in southwest Missouri have the chance to see dramatic improvements in productivity thanks to the team at Paperwise. Paperwise has developed a custom software solution, RHOOSTER, that helps fill in the gaps of other management systems. Each client can tailor RHOOSTER to their specific business needs, says Eric Wubbena, Vice President of Business Development at Paperwise. Once a designer works with a client, they build out two different mock applications that allow the client to see what they’re purchasing before the team at Paperwise writes a line of code. The solution is also timely; it takes weeks, not years to build out their solution.

Although it has not officially launched, RHOOSTER has already been used locally. One of the technology’s success stories is with CoxHealth, the largest employer in the region. CoxHealth uses Lawson, an international company that provides HR functionality. “One of the things it lacks is a change request for employee status,” Wubbena says. “Cox being [one of the] largest employer[s] in this town, they have lots of changes in employment status, new hires, new jobs internally, terminations.” It was an arduous process to terminate an employee because all the departments involved—the parking garage, payroll, HR benefits and security—had to deactivate their badge, Wubbena says. Working with Lawson and Cox, Paperwise created an application to help automate the termination process, which has increased HR productivity. “That was a major success,” Wubbena says. “They are utilizing our application.”

RHOOSTER is still in early stages and is geared toward medium to large businesses, but the goal is to make it accessible to small businesses in the future.

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“Freshman year of college I was selected to be in Chancellor’s Leadership Class. Within that class, you had to do some sort of project, come up with a vision and had a year to complete it. I decided my project was going to be make Columbia a smoke-free community. My advisor said to pick something smaller. I started a student group, Peers Against Secondhand Smoke. I got involved in health organizations. They passed an ordinance in City Council. In that year we made Columbia smoke-free. It gave me tons of experience, advocacy, organizing, creating groups, volunteers, policy. That is one of the things I am most proud of."—Eric Wubbena, Vice President of Business Development at Paperwise


“Failure is baked into everything I do, but I chose to use it as a learning experience.”—Eric Wubbena, Vice President of Business Development at Paperwise