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Apply now for Biz 417’s Best Places to Work presented by Penmac Staffing in association with Best Places Group.

Nov 2022

Applications Closed for Biz 417’s Best Places to Work 2023

Biz 417 is proud to bring you the third annual Best Places to Work contest, highlighting outstanding local businesses that are highly successful, offer robust employee benefits and have a motivating workplace culture. Applications for 2023 are now closed—check back soon for updates.

Check out the categories and qualification requirements below, and take a look at last year’s winners for inspiration.

How it Works

1. Qualifying organizations register on Employer Questionnaires will be sent shortly following the registration deadline.
2. Employees receive the Employer Questionnaire & Satisfaction Survey. This survey is an in-depth analysis and is broken down into eight core focus areas: leadership and planning; culture and communications; role satisfaction; working environment; relationship with supervisor; training, development and resources; pay and benefits; and overall engagement. A 40% response rate is required to be considered for the list (or 80% if the organization has fewer than 25 employees).
3. Best Companies Group completes the analysis using a weighted evaluation: 75% of the evaluation is based upon the overall scores from the Employee Engagement Surveys, and 25% is based on the scores obtained from the Employer Questionnaire. Once Best Companies Group completes their analysis, they deliver the results to Biz 417. At this time, each applicant has the option to purchase an Employee Feedback Report with the complete anonymous employee answers and results gathered during the nomination period.

Qualification Requirements

• Can be a publicly or privately held business
• Can be a for-profit business, not-for-profit business or government municipality
• Must have a facility in 417-land. Qualified counties include Barry, Barton, Cedar, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Douglas, Greene, Hickory, Howell, Jasper, Laclede, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Oregon, Ozark, Polk, Shannon, St. Clair, Stone, Taney, Texas, Vernon, Webster and Wright.
• Must have a minimum of 15 full-time or part-time employees working in 417-land 
• Must have been in business for one year.

About Best Companies Group

Best Companies Group was formed in January of 2004 with the purpose of identifying and recognizing outstanding employers. Using state-of-the art surveys and technology, BCG partners with publishing and other business or human resource organizations to create and manage “Best Places to Work” programs internationally, nationally, state-wide, regionally, and by industry. BCG is headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. BCG also works on several large independent survey and research projects around the world.