Best Places to Work

4. Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction offers a culture of education, communication and personalized staff development. It’s why the team is described as “the heartbeat of our ship.”

by Jennifer Johnmeyer

Sep 2022

Titanic Museum in Branson MO
Photo courtesy Titanic Museum Attraction

Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction makes its first appearance on the Best Places to Work list this year. President and COO Mary Kellogg-Joslyn credits a work culture that celebrates its employees first and guests next.

“If we educate, communicate, and develop programs for our employees, they are happier as a result, which in turn will create a great guest experience,” Kellogg-Joslyn says.

Titanic Museum Attraction works hard to ensure its employees feel cared for and valued. Titanic’s notable healthcare benefits include 100% employer-paid premiums for dental, long-term care and short- and long-term disability coverage, as well as 24/7 telehealth through MDLive—not only for employees, but also for their family members, at no cost. 


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Titanic also invests in its employees. It offers a 50% 401(k) match for up to 5% of employee incomes. The company match is vested 20% per year for up to five years, and fully vested thereafter. It also offers college tuition reimbursement for programs that help promote an employee’s position, provided they meet specific employment and academic requirements. Last, but certainly not least, employees who are paid hourly enjoy a gas bonus, which adds a dollar per hour to each employee’s pay—to help offset the cost of fill-ups.

Also notable are the ways Titanic encourages staff members. Its Backstage Magic program calls in employees from three different departments each month. The employees compile a list of positive things they’ve witnessed from their peers before nominating someone as a recipient of Backstage Magic. The winners are told why they were selected, in front of other staff and guests, which elevates the award’s significance. Each winner also receives a gift card that’s based on their specific needs or hobbies. Kellogg-Joslyn says that the crew is an integral part of the decision-making process, and that everyone comes together to look at how the winner’s stories apply to the company overall.

“The most important part of our company is communication with our crew,” she says. “We’re not afraid to tackle issues. We learn about our history and why it’s important to understand and honor those events. We go through guest emails and celebrate their stories. I love how excited our crew gets.”

Kellogg-Joslyn adds that her purpose for applying as a Best Place to Work was to ensure Titanic employees understand how valued they are. “We’re just so proud of them,” she says. “They are the heartbeat of this ship.”