Optimism and Realism with Joe Turner

Joe Turner is the president and CEO of Great Southern Bank. This Springfield native has overseen tremendous growth while at the helm of his hometown bank. Fresh off being named the 2022 Springfieldian by the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

By Jeff Houghton

Jul 2022

Advice and whiskey
Photo by Leah StieffermanJoe Turner hosted Jeff Houghton in his office at Great Southern Bank. Purchase Photo

“You don’t prove yourself over a short period of time. You prove yourself over a long period.”

“Try to consistently do a good job, encourage the people that work with you to consistently do a good job. Companies that consistently do a good job over a long period of time really come out ahead.”

“You want to be authentic, be yourself. I think leaders can have different personalities.”

“I believe most great leaders have to have an element of humility. They have to be willing to see their mistakes, willing to move away from their mistakes and willing to give credit to the people that work for them.”

“I don’t love every single thing I do during the day. I don’t think that’s necessarily realistic. I think they call it work for a reason because it is work. There are going to be elements to it or parts of it that you don’t love.”

“The guy that I worked for at the law firm said, ‘If you really get a charge out of what you’re doing a third to half the time, and the rest of the time you feel like you’re challenged, you feel like you’re treated fairly—you’re way ahead of the game.’”

“To me, successful people aren’t successful because they’ve had the most good things happen to them. They’re successful because they’ve done the best job of overcoming difficult obstacles.” 

“You have to be optimistic about your prospects but realistic about your circumstances.”

“I think you have to be open to opportunities to help your community, and you have to look for those opportunities. You’re going to grow from those as well.” 

“It is in your self-interest to be interested in everyone’s self-interest.”

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