Craig McCoy on His Path to President of Mercy Springfield Communities

Craig McCoy was appointed president of Mercy Springfield Communities in January only to be thrust into a major crisis with the rest of the southwest Missouri health care community.

By Jamie Thomas

Jul 2020

Craig McCoy, President of Mercy Communities in Springfield MO
Photo by Brandon AlmsCraig McCoy, President of Mercy Springfield Communities Purchase Photo

On taking the lead during a crisis: “I wouldn't have wished that on anybody. But at the same time, I think the silver lining is being brand new and walking into something like this forces a team together really quickly and to work collaboratively really quickly. You get to see how a team is going to perform under pressure.”

On his career path: “Coming out of college, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. There was a guy who I had helped lead a middle school youth group at my church who was the director of EMS [emergency medical services] for the county. He had talked with me a lot about his background being the EMS director, and I got really interested in that. When I started working in EMS, I loved being a paramedic, but I realized that I wanted to do something administratively. I had a bachelor's degree in business before I went to paramedic school, so I was a little bit of an anomaly within the service. The last two years that I worked there, I went back to school at night and got my master's in health care administration and began looking at what I’d want to do. When I graduated, I had an opportunity to join with one of the for-profit companies in a CEO training program."

On his favorite lesson: “I think in the early part of my career there were a lot of times where I could have poured more into other people. That’s a big focus for me now as I work with other people—how do I understand what they want to achieve in life? What are their goals personally and professionally? How can I help them achieve those goals?”

On where he finds inspiration: “My faith is of utmost importance to me. Things are not going to go the way that we want them to on any given day. So, from a faith standpoint, I believe firmly that I'm where I'm supposed to be at exactly the time I'm supposed to be there. It's a matter of staying focused on my faith and how I live that out.”

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