Citizens Memorial Hospital CEO Michael Calhoun’s Top Priorities

We spoke to Michael Calhoun about his top priorities for CMH in 2022, his perspective on employee retention and what people are most surprised to learn about him.

By Max Havey

Mar 2022

Michael Calhoun at desk
Photo by Leah StiefermannAfter more than 22 years with Citizens Memorial Hospital, Michael Calhoun is now CEO/executive director of CMH/CMH Foundation. Purchase Photo

What to expect at Citizens Memorial Hospital in 2022

“Part of what my focus is going to be is making sure we’re well-aligned. The pandemic has been really hard on anybody that’s been in healthcare because of the rapid changes. It’s just consumed our lives. We’re looking forward to really looking at our processes again post-pandemic and asking, ‘How do we continue to make our full continuum better? How do we do a better job of taking care of the whole patient throughout their care cycle?’”

How CMH is managing the labor shortage

“At CMH, we’ve been able to weather this storm when it comes to staff retention because of our strong culture. Recently 70 percent of our co-workers had their pay adjusted upward, which was a pretty significant multimillion-dollar investment that we made in our team.”

Why this role is a good fit for him

“CMH is such a vital part of the community and it’s really a part of who I am. That’s probably true of a lot of our staff, physicians, and leaders here, too. It becomes personal to them that CMH is a strong and healthy organization. That we’re able to care for patients who, if they’re not our family, they’re the family of somebody we know.”

Bet you didn’t know

“Most people are surprised to learn that I have a farm, that I raise cattle and that I live out in the country and prefer to be in the country. I work so much with people, and I’ll tell them that I was feeding calves in the morning, and they’re always shocked by that.”

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