Chris Wyatt’s Fresh Take as the President of Cox Barton County Hospital

We talked with Chris Wyatt, who was recently named the new president of Cox Barton County Hospital, to learn what excites him about the future of health care and what inspires him to strive for improvements.

By Ettie Berneking

Sep 2019

Chris Wyatt, President of Cox Barton County Hospital
Photo by Brad ZweerinkChris Wyatt, President of Cox Barton County Hospital

On his vision for his new position: “We are beginning to see health care deserts due to the lack of funding, available resources and commitment from larger systems. My part in preventing this is by helping expand CoxHealth’s efforts in rural America.”

How he knew CoxHealth was the right fit: “[It was the] culture. From the moment I stepped on campus for my first interview, I could sense their words were backed by action.”

Where he finds inspiration: “My children and wife. In every decision, I ask myself, ‘How would I handle this if it was my family affected?’ If I treat every employee, patient and community member in this manner, I know I am going to make decisions to better all of us.”

On his favorite failure: ”Since I have children, I’m going to preface this by saying I never advocate going against the advice of your parents, but that is what I did. After college, I bought a motorcycle and was involved in an accident that… cost me my job due to inability to return to work, years of pain and numerous medical bills. However, this set me on the path toward leadership. I was able to see the care given from every caregiver and inefficiencies that caused frustration.”

The advice he would give his younger self: “The world is filled with great people who want to change the world and help you along the way, but it is also filled with a few whose only desire is to bring you down to their level. Don’t waste time trying to prove yourself or your point. Instead, use that energy toward bettering yourself and those closest to you.”

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