Jeffery Palmer is Moving Old Missouri Bank Forward

After more than a decade of experience with First Home Bank, Jeffrey Palmer has brought his expertise to Old Missouri Bank as the new CFO and is now helping set the bank on a path toward growth and becoming a billion-dollar bank.

By Max Havey

May 2020

Jeffery Palmer of Old Missouri Bank in Springfield MO
Photo courtesy Jeff PalmerJeffery Palmer, CFO of Old Missouri Bank

His vision for what he hopes to accomplish as the new CFO: “Retiring CFO David McBeath set the bar pretty high here at Old Missouri, and I plan on continuing that tradition. I envision Old Missouri Bank being a billion-dollar bank within the next few years. As you get bigger, there’s more that’s required of you. I am just laying the groundwork in anticipation of that growth.”

On a defining moment in his carer: “The decision to leave public accounting and start a career in banking 13 years ago has been one of the biggest moments in my career to date.  It has allowed me to work close to home, be involved in communities that I love and help local business men and women achieve their financial goals.”

What keeps him up at night: “Not a lot really. Cybersecurity is something that maybe doesn’t keep me up at night but makes me toss and turn a little bit. There are a lot of hackers out there, but we do a really good job on the IT front. Still, that’s something that always has my attention.” 

What he would say to his younger self: “I would say, ‘Enjoy the journey and have some patience.’ My wife would probably tell you that I still need to work on my patience. But I am a really goal-oriented person, and sometimes you just need to take a step back and enjoy the ride.”

On one thing most people would be surprised to know: “I am a huge fan of Disney World! I would go there on vacation every year if my family let me pick the destination.”

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