How Gordon Kinne Balances Growing Business and Giving Back

We sat down over drinks at Great Escape Brewing Co. to talk about the balance of career, family and being involved in the community.

By Jeff Houghton

May 2019

Business Advice from Springfield, MO Leaders
Photo by Brad ZweerinkGordon Kinne has found the perfect balance between community involvement and family.

Gordon Kinne owns Med-Pay Inc., a company he started in 1984. Over the years he’s also volunteered his time with the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, the Council of Churches of the Ozarks and the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, among others. Most recently he was given the 2019 Springfieldian Award. 

“The first reason you may want to serve on a board is that it’s an honor to be asked. You have to ask, ‘Is it something you have a heart for? Is it something you’re passionate about?’ If not, you probably shouldn’t do it.”

“It helps network you with people who know you for something other than your career.”

“When you have your own business, get involved in the community and have kids, you just kind of give up your own stuff. I gave up golf, my extracurricular was the kids.”

“It was good for us to get clarity every so often. Laura and I always got a date night, got a babysitter to have that time to reconnect. I don’t know if we didn’t do that if our marriage would have survived.” 

“Is it something you’re passionate about?’ If not, you probably shouldn’t do it”
— Gordon Kinne

“[I had] competitors before I got into volunteer stuff, and I really wanted to not like them, but then you get put on a board with them, and they’re really pretty good guys. We can compete against each other, but we still bring value to the table. It just expands your life so much to give back. It’s a piece you’ve got to have.” 

“Most people are caring, they want to help somebody they see that needs help. It’s just more fulfilling to you as a human being.”

“Make sure you get buy-in from your spouse or your significant other for your community involvement. You need to be open to them wanting to do the same thing, it’s a partnership.”

“It helps round you out as a person, not be worried just about yourself, there’s really nothing more joyous than giving time or money.” 

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