Keep Supply Talks Company Culture

Keep Supply nurtures a progressive and impactful company culture through its support of employee security, encouragement of growth and development of unique company practices.

by Em Blackstone

May 2024

Keep Supply team
Photo courtesy Keep SupplyKeep Supply boasts a remarkable and distinctive company culture.

"Every single thing a company does needs to be intentional,” says Lindsay Bauer, director of people and culture at Keep Supply. “Every communication, every decision needs to be with their people in mind because the people are what are going to drive the business. It’s the little things that can make or break a culture.”

Based in Springfield, Keep Supply specializes in selling industrial refrigeration parts. Within the company lies a remarkable and distinctive company culture. Keep Supply embraces progressive concepts, such as practicing the Great Game of Business and providing employees with extensive benefits and opportunities within the company that encourage personal growth.

Around 75% to 80% of new hires originate from employee referrals, a testament to the positive experiences felt within the organization. Key account manager Erica Ewell has been working for Keep Supply for nine months. Already, she has four referrals under her belt and likely more to come. When first coming into the company, Ewell was surprised that it practiced the Great Game of Business, which educates employees on the financial earnings, setbacks and goals of the company. “This is the first company that I’ve worked for that’s been so transparent,” she says. “Even to know if we’re in the green or the red, I’ve never had the privilege of working for a company where we actually knew where we stood.”

Along with transparency, Keep Supply is in no short supply of celebrations for birthdays, company accomplishments, holidays and personal accomplishments that create a sense of community within the company. Full medical, dental and vision insurance for employees and their families is also a driving factor that creates support and security for employees. Along with a sense of community and security, the company fuels professional growth through internal training sessions known as “lunch and learns” held a couple times a month.

For Ewell, the company’s interest in employees translated to an interest in personal growth. Within two months, Ewell was encouraged to pursue a higher position. For employees like Ewell, this support makes a significant impact. “I’m also a single mom, so having the company support me and be flexible with me and be understanding with that is a game changer,” she says. “That’s the kind of culture I think is important to look after.”

Company barbecue at Keep Supply
Company meeting at Keep Supply
Photos courtesy Keep Supply

The company also strives to promote trust and communication between employee and employer through the Culture Club, composed of eight representatives from all departments. Their goal is to preserve the unique culture and provide direct feedback from employees, so they are aware of what is and isn’t working within the company.

As for Bauer, she started with Keep Supply in September 2022, when the company had 30 employees. Today, the company is experiencing rapid growth and expecting to have more than 100 employees by the end of 2024. “It’s a magical place,” Bauer says. “And as any company grows, sometimes that magic can get lost. We can hire people that don’t contribute as positively as you’d want them to, or you can end up with communication struggles, which is another important part of GGOB.”

Bauer offers advice to any business wanting to protect and maintain their company culture: “Be intentional with everything you do, because even the things that to us may not matter, really matter to someone.”