Bringing Joy to Staffers with Foster Adopt Connect

Executive Director of FosterAdopt Connect shares a fun and simple way to bring joy to staffers, while also supporting the community.

By Jo Jolliff

Jan 2023

Coffee food truck
Photos courtesy FosterAdopt ConnectFosterAdopt Connect Executive Director Brandi VanAntwerp shares a simple way to encourage staff.

Looking to surprise her staff at FosterAdopt Connect, Executive Director Brandi VanAntwerp hired the A.M. Donut Truck. “What inspired the idea is my team,” VanAntwerp says. “I’m a huge team person and I truly believe that no single person can make everything happen and it really takes a team to accomplish greatness.” 

VanAntwerp hired the food truck to help encourage her team in their everyday workload. “It’s important to me that our staff know they’re cared for,” she says. The truck came at the beginning of fall and was the perfect breakfast treat. 

With A.M. Donut Truck her staffers were able to choose from a wide variety of donut flavors and toppings topped off with a cup of fresh coffee. “I thought it’d be a neat way for them to get something to enjoy their day a little more,” she says. Beyond that, VanAntwerp also selected the A.M. Donut Truck because of its mission. Started by Arc of the Ozarks, the A.M. Donut Truck is used for people in programs at Arc of the Ozarks to gain work experience. “Our team is all about inclusivity and job opportunities for everyone so it was a neat opportunity to get to support that effort as well,” she says.