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Complete Electrical Solutions

The Face of Residential Electrical Solutions

Sep 2020

Mike Tillman and James Tillman of Complete Electrical Solutions in Springfield MO
Photo by Alex Solomon & Brad ZweerinkMike Tillman, Vice President; James Tillman, President

Our knowledgeable staff of more than 40 certified and licensed electricians work to keep your lighting and electrical systems operating at peak efficiency. We have proven our unmatched skill while servicing a growing majority of homes in 417-land. Whether it is for preventative maintenance, diagnostics, upgrades or repairs, we are ready and able to answer any questions or handle any electrical emergency. We provide 24-hour emergency electrical service with a fleet of more than 20 fully stocked trucks.  

From wiring replacement to landscape lighting, we can help. Put your electrical system in good hands, and call today to schedule an appointment.

715 W. Tampa St., Springfield | 417-831-8039 | completeelectrical.biz

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