At Biz 417, we are passionate about helping build better business leaders in our region. In 2024 we are excited to announce two leadership development opportunities that each offer a different level of access and content. From a one-day leadership skills symposium to a six-month full personal and professional development program, read on to select which opportunity is right for you or your employees. In addition, after a successful pilot program, Biz 417 is planning to host a fall and spring session for Remarkable, a women's public speaking course. Learn more about that opportunity here.

The Legacy Network by Biz 417

Biz 417 is proud to announce The Legacy Network - a program designed to grow your leadership skills, network, and influence to leave a lasting legacy. This professional development program runs September 2024 to March 2025 through six half-day sessions. With curated programming, developed and led by Biz 417 publisher Logan Aguirre, members get to learn from the best minds and subject experts in our region, have unparalleled access to mentors, connect with a peer network and ultimately elevate their personal and professional growth. 
This application based program is ideal for those who have experience in a manager, director or C-level position and are looking to build their skillset, vision and influence. If you have identified next generation leaders in your succession plan, this program is for them.

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Cost: $3,200/person

Program Themes:
September - Your Personal Development
October - Your Career Growth
November - Developing and Aligning Your Team
January - Your Mental Health and Wellness
February - Your Financial Future
March - Creating and Executing Your Plan

Next Steps:
Full program details including, dates and times announced in April when applications open.
Applications close May 15
Participants notified June 14
Program begins September 2024
Program days in September, October, November of 2024 and January, February and March of 2025
Recognition of Achievement at Think Summit April 2025


Biz 417 wants to see more women share their stories and lessons with others through public speaking opportunities. Through a six-week training program, Biz 417 can help women choose and clarify a shareable message, develop it into a compelling and impactful talk and learn how to confidently share it with others. The ultimate goal is to raise the confidence and visibility of local women who could speak at local and regional events and within their own industry groups and conferences. Biz 417 is partnering with speaker coach, Lori Robertson, to provide a select group of local women high-impact training to identify, craft and deliver a compelling 15-minute signature talk. Whether you've never given a talk before or have done some public speaking and need help crafting an impactful message and training on best practices to delivering it with confidence, we want to help.

Biz 417's Emerging Leaders Symposium

In partnership with People Centric Consulting Group

Leaders of all levels are invited to register now for a full-day leadership symposium in partnership with People Centric Consulting Group. This is an opportunity to spend a day learning and refining key principles of leadership. If you have been searching for ways to grow and/or you have employees who are asking for help in leading teams, running effective meetings, managing conflict or strategic decision making, invest in this day to show your commitment to growth. This symposium is meant for entry level leaders up to C-suite leaders and is led and facilitated by Don Harkey and Matt Griswold of People Centric Consulting Group.

Includes a full day of programming, breakfast, lunch and snacks.
This event is intended for in-person but a virtual option will be made available.

Limited to 24 participants.

If you have questions, please email mariya@417mag.com

Curriculum Outline:

Culture Grid
Learn about the culture grid and managing the different types of people within the grid.
Leadership Styles
Recognize your own style and when to use aspects of other styles. Also learn the most important leadership trait for any leader.
Communication Styles
 Take the quiz and determine your own communication style. Learn how to recognize other styles and adapt to others to make communication more effective.
Coaching is a different form of management. Learn what it is and how to effectively utilize the coaching approach.
Team Building
How do you build an effective team and how do we create teams that work well together?
Effective Meetings
We all have to have meetings, what are the best practices for making the most of mundane meetings?
Accountability is the hardest part of any manager's job. Learn how we can effectively hold people accountable, create a culture of accountability and not culture of blame, and get the best results out of your team.