Jewelry Dish Crafting @ Creative Escape Glass LLC

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11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Jan 23 2019 | Jan 24 2019 | Jan 25 2019 | Jan 26 2019

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Creative Escape Glass LLC
1700 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO
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$28 - $65

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This week's project is a fused glass jewelry dish*.  Choose your size and your colors.  Examples of popular sizes: 6" dish for $28, 8.5" bowl for $50 or a 9.5" bowl for $60+tax. 10% off all jewelry dishes you purchase or make.  No experience necessary. 

*You are not limited to only making the weekly project - we encourage flexibility and creativity. There are a wide variety of projects that you can choose to make. 

Creative Escape Glass LLC is a fused glass open studio where you can make your own pieces! Open studio hours mean you get to learn glass cutting basics and fused glass basics on demand - you walk-in, we teach you, you make a project. 

You can come anytime during open studio hours to get started, and plan on spending 1-3 hours of making time depending on the project you choose. Reservations are recommended but tables are sometimes available with short notice. Call ahead to ensure that you get a table. 

There is no cost for a studio tour and for a basic glass cutting workshop. If you want to make a piece to take home with you, popular projects start at $15 and go up from there based on the size of the project and materials used. Average project cost is $34. Pieces are normally ready to pick up within a week, or shipping is available for an additional fee.

Children 13+ can normally do an independent project, kids 8-12 may need an adult assistant, 7 and younger definitely need a one-on-one adult assistant. Young children not involved in the creation process are not a good idea since the front of the studio is full of breakables and the back of the studio is full of sharp edges, all within easy reach. Neither of you will have fun if you must spend your time trying to keep them away from pretty, shiny objects.