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1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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Sep 24 2022 | Sep 25 2022 | Oct 01 2022 | Oct 02 2022

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Pickwick & Cherry - Fine Foods & Gourmet Gifts
607 S Pickwick Ave
Springfield, MO
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How is liquid milk turned into hard cheese? It is a simple question with a complex but accessible answer that goes back thousands of years. It is also a fun and easy project for your own kitchen!
If you have ever wondered how cheese is made, or just have a healthy interest in a new cooking project, this class is for you. There is nothing quite like the simple steps that lead to the complex alchemy that is cheese making. And the fresh cheeses you will learn to make never taste better than when they are freshly made by your own hands. In this class we will learn to make three of the simplest but most ancient and delicious cheeses possible. We will learn to make fresh Ricotta, the simplest of cheeses with the fewest ingredients and a magic moment of transformation. We will learn Fromage Blanc, a rich and creamy spreadable cheese whose delicious flavor is matched only by its ease and wonder of creation. Lastly, we will learn the 30 minute Mozzarella technique. It’s the most involved of the three, but also the most fun, most versatile, and will certainly earn you the most bragging rights. And time permitting, we might even make our own burrata!
Together we will learn every step of each process hands on and discuss where to get the very limited amount of equipment and ingredients to launch your own unlimited home cheesemaking adventures.