5th Annual Ruck 'N' Run

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7:30 a.m. to noon

Ruck N Run in Republic, MO
Photo courtesy Meadowview Baptist Church

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Nov 09 2019 | Nov 07 2020 | Nov 06 2021

7:30 a.m. to noon

Meadowview Baptist Church
1100 W HWY 174
Republic, MO
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About This Event

Honoring Those Who Serve(d)®
Are you ready for the 5th annual Ruck 'N' Run?
Compete "In Their Honor." Dedicate your participation to a Service Member in your life.
Ruck ‘N’ Run brings Veterans and Civilians together in a fun, motivating yet challenging event to honor those who serve(d).
Ruck ‘N’ Run is a boot camp inspired walk/run that honors Veterans and connects the community. Through past events, $15,000 and 6,183lbs of food has been donated to Veteran organizations!

This year’s event will focus on:
• In Their Honor fund
• Funds will be used to assist families of U.S. Service Members that pass away.
• A portion of registration fees will go toward this fund.
• Home at Last (a program of The Kitchen, Inc.):
• During our event, canned goods provided by participants will be collected and donated to Home at Last.
• Home at Last serves Veteran families who are homeless or would be homeless but for this organization's assistance.
• More information at:
(If you can't make it to Republic, MO...compete where you live in our virtual event. You'll get the same event shirt and finisher medal. Register at Shadow)

Event: Saturday, November 9, 2019
Ruckers, ruck (walk with their own rucksack/backpack)
Runners, run (do not wear a rucksack/backpack)

Ruck ‘N’ Run is a walk/run event with a little extra. There are stations along the route where participants must complete a set of exercises before continuing (push ups, body-weight squats, etc.). Specific info below, under Route.

Which one are you?
Participant (earns finisher's medal)
Competitor (can earn placement medal)
Team Member (can earn team trophy)

***Note: Participants have the option of completing 25, 10, or 0 at each station. Since this is a boot camp inspired event, doing the reps gives that boot camp feel. Do the reps in honor of a Service Member. All Competitors and Team Members are required to complete 25 reps at each station.***

Q: Does everyone that finishes the event earn a finisher's medal?
A: Yes.

Q: Can a Team Member also win a placement medal?
A: Yes, since the requirements are the same for Competitors and Team Members.

The starting line is at the dead end on Meadowview Lane. This is also the finish line. Each participant must stay on the designated route. The route is 5.56K or 7.62K. There are stations along our route. There are three options to choose from; zero reps, 10 reps, or 25 reps of the station exercises.

5.56K Route with 5 Stations:
1. Push Ups
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Mountain Climbers (4 count)
4. Body Weight Squats
5. Burpees (6 count)

7.62K Route with 7 Stations:
1. Push Ups
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Mountain Climbers (4 count)
4. Plyo (“clapping”) Push Ups
5. Walkout Push Ups
6. Body Weight Squats
7. Burpees (6 count)

You’re encouraged to complete the prescribed exercise at each station before continuing. This is to give it that boot camp feel. However, station exercises are optional unless you’re competing for a placement medal. The stations are designed to be completed without the necessity of ruck removal. Participants may choose to remove their ruck to complete the station. However, the challenge is to keep the ruck on, as this adds weight to the exercise. Safety first, though. Getting hit in the head with your ruck during burpees is not fun or required. These exercises are done on the “honor system.”

**By registering for this event, you’re agreeing to train and practice these exercises along a similar route on your own time, prior to the event.**

Placement Medals:
Please select this option during registration. To be eligible for a placement medal, you’re required to complete 25 reps at each station. Placement medals will be presented to those that finished 1st, 2nd, & 3rd (fastest time) within specific categories (e.g. Male/Female, Rucker/Runner, 5.56K/7.62K). If you’re competing for a placement medal and you’re a Rucker, your rucksack must be 45lbs for men or 35lbs for women. It's up to each member if the keep their ruck on or take it off.

Teams: Form a team with a minimum of 4 to compete as Ruckers or Runners (one or the other, please). The fastest 4 of each team will be counted toward the Team Trophy. Teams are required to complete 25 reps at each station. Rucking teams: your rucksack, backpack, and/or weighted vest must be 45lbs for men or 35lbs for women.

Once you complete the event, you’ve earned your finisher’s medal!

A friendly competition between U.S. Military branches will determine which branch finished with the fastest time for both Ruckers & Runners. Be sure to mark the branch you serve(d) in during registration to include your time in this competition.

Event shirts:
Register before October 10, 2019 to guarantee you get an event t-shirt.

Packet Pickup:
Thursday, November 7 at 12pm – 7pm
TommyHawks Axe House
1631 W College ST
Springfield, MO 65806

Friday, November 8 at 4pm – 8pm (Bring your hotdogs and burgers and join us by the fire pit!)
Ruck ‘N’ Run Base Camp
1100 W HWY 174
Republic, MO 65738

Printed or electronic copy of your confirmation email and photo ID is required to confirm registration and receive event packet. Payment must be made online or during packet pickup. Cash is accepted. Check must be made payable to “Ruck 'N' Run.” Receipts given upon request.

If you used a coupon code, you must present proof of affiliation (e.g. Military ID if you received a military discount).

*Ruck ‘N’ Run will not be responsible if you miss the start of the event due to registration/packet pickup delays on Saturday morning.*

Camp out (optional):
Gather around the fire pit to connect with other participants. Camping is at your own risk and we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Bring your own camping supplies. If you would like to, bring the family. At least 1 participant per campsite (tent, RV, camper, etc.). Campers and RVs are welcome but utility hook ups are not available. Offsite disposal is your responsibility. Only fires in designated areas will be allowed in accordance with the Republic Fire Department.

The main event is Saturday, November 9 beginning at 8:30am, sharp.

Late registration opens at 7:30am and will close at exactly 8:20am on November 9.

Opening Ceremony is at 8:30am, sharp.

Late Packet Pickup:
At RNR Base Camp; Saturday, November 9, 8am – 8:20am. It’s strongly recommended that you register and pick up your packet on or before Friday, November 8, to avoid potential long lines and significant congestion on Saturday.

Keep in mind; your bib will have a white sticker on it. This is your time tracking chip. There is no need to return this bib/sticker as it’s disposable.

Opening Ceremony:
Gather at the stage at 8:20am. At 8:30am sharp, we will begin. Everything else shuts down during this part.

Runners: Start time is 9:00am
Ruckers: Start time is 9:05am

During RNR: The road is not closed or blocked off to traffic. Feel free to call out “vehicle from the rear” for safety, as you see fit.

After Route Completion:
Once each participant finishes the event, they’re encouraged to cheer on others on the sides of the finish line. Please stay clear of the actual finish lane. Ruckers…if you rucked canned goods, be sure to take them to the designated donation area.

Closing Ceremony:
Announcements will be made to assemble at the stage.

Door prizes:
We give out some amazing door prizes! Drawn by bib numbers.

Medical Assistance:
In case of an emergency, call 911.

Personal cell phones and handheld radios

Inclement weather:
In the event of inclement weather, our contingency plan is to hold the event on Saturday, November 16th with packet pickup on Friday, November 15th. Inclement weather has to be crazy weather. Rain, cold, and snow won’t stop this event.

All entry fees are non-refundable.

Stay informed:
Would you like to receive information about next year’s RNR? Tell us your thoughts. Do you have any feedback or ideas to make RNR 2019 even better? Please contact RNR at

***Note: The information mentioned above is subject to change and we will do everything we can to communicate any changes in a timely manner.***