Jeremy Wells

Partner at Longitude° Branding and Design and Flyover Developments

Jeremy Wells
Photo by Katy St. ClairJeremy Wells is a partner at Longitude° Branding and Design and Flyover Developments Purchase Photo

Some of Jeremy Wells’ best memories as a kid were made in Branson.

“Growing up, my family would camp out at Table Rock at Indian Point a couple of times a summer, and those are some of the best memories of my childhood,” he says. “I guess I’m chasing nostalgia, but I’m also trying to create spaces and places for real connection.”

Today, Wells is a partner at Longitude° Branding and Design and Flyover Developments. As a creative and a real estate developer, Wells is passionate about designing brands that resonate with travelers and families to make meaningful memories.

Since 2018, his design company has developed brand identities for hospitality companies looking to make a mark. Developing brand interactions was his favorite part of the work—so in 2021, he and his partner Dustin Myers purchased a roadside motel to build their own hospitality brand, The Ozarker Lodge. Part retro vibe, part Instagrammable hub, the hotel is booked and busy.

“We’re not some roadside mom and pop motel; we’re trying to elevate this area and inspire people to imagine what’s possible in hotels, restaurants, experiences and beyond,” says Wells.

In the year since The Ozarker Lodge’s opening, the hotel has earned a handful of national awards, and Wells is excited to do more. Flyover also recently added Ascent on Main in Parker, Colorado, to its portfolio, but that’s just the beginning.

His goal: to own and operate 10 to 15 more boutique hotels in the Midwest by 2034.

“Jeremy’s endeavors are poised to shape our community’s future by fostering job creation, developing sustainable and eco-friendly ventures for the benefit of future generations, and making indispensable contributions to our community’s welfare,” says Garage Door Guy President Derek Lyons, who nominated Wells. “What’s admirable about Jeremy is his unwavering commitment to approaching every idea with a community-oriented mindset. He’s constantly seeking ways to enhance the lives of everyone around him.”

Nailed It, Failed It with Jeremy Wells

“I think I nailed it in some ways by being okay with not having all the answers as we created The Ozarker Lodge. Earlier in my career, that would have been really hard for me. But with The Ozarker, I was comfortable asking questions and knowing I didn’t have all the answers. That helped me build the right team, and for something special to be built, you have to have the right team.” #NailedIt

“Several years ago, there was one client at Longitude° that had so many red flags. We took on an aspirational project and a client that we weren’t ready and equipped to win on delivery. The client and our team didn’t align on expectations, but we ignored it because it was the right price point. We were a little too green for the work, and we spent way too much time on the project, and no one won. Now I’m 100 percent clear on what we do and don’t do well when pitching to clients, so we can be successful in every project we take on.” #FailedIt

For the Record

Book recommendation
The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Your hometown

Your coffee order
Black coffee with oat milk at Kingdom Coffee.

Favorite way to unwind in the Ozarks?
Hiking the trails at Busiek State Park with my family.

Meaningful mentors
Darren Pierce and Doug Austin.

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