Adam Toth

President at Toth & Associates

Adam Toth
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On January 2, 2004, Toth & Associates (TOTH) began at Adam Toth’s parents’ kitchen table. The other first employee: his father, co-founder and fellow engineer Louis Toth.

“After working for a major corporation on ‘cool’ government projects, the work and responsibility I had were not that fun,” Adam says. “I realized it’s the work and responsibility, not the product, that makes work enjoyable, so I started a company where I would want to work.”

Now, 20 years later, Toth & Associates is an engineering firm with five offices throughout the country and closing in on 200 employees. Nearly all those team members are based in TOTH’s Springfield HQ, less than a mile from where Adam went to elementary school.

With a focus on building and sustaining relationships, Toth is committed to earning clients nationally and creating high-paying engineering jobs for the Ozarks. In 2023, Toth & Associates’ gross revenue was nearly $33 million, up from $24.6 million the year before.

“We are seen as a national expert in the electric utility space, and with that, we bring dollars into the Springfield market,” he says. “We’ve also helped our clients secure hundreds of millions in FEMA grant money across Missouri, improving critically important infrastructure, including our schools.”

TOTH supports communities throughout 417-land, helping to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective power, streets, sidewalks, water and more to the region for generations to come. But the firm is doing more, taking on more and bigger projects as its impact and team continue to grow.

“The future of our community and country is heavily dependent on having reliable energy infrastructure, so attracting younger generations to this field is critical,” says Warren Brooks, Vice President of Electric Operations at City Utilities. “We work in a very challenging field where companies are always competing for talent, yet Adam has been able to not only maintain but grow the organization because of the culture he’s built.”

In 10 years, Toth hopes to have a bigger team—with a goal of leading 500 employees.

“My dream would be for Springfield to be seen as an engineering hub. Springfield has never been a hard science destination, but I want people to think of Springfield and think of us as a high-tech, engineering town. Our company and our growth can help change this perception.”

Nailed It, Failed It with Adam Toth

"I've bucked the trend of not hiring your friends and family. I've hired family members, friends and friends' family with great success. We created a culture where everyone is a high achiever, and you're surrounded by people you like. By recruiting friends and family members of high achievers, we've improved employee retention and had a lot of fun." #NailedIt

"As a growing firm, we initially believed it crucial to establish a presence in expanding population regions of the country. Texas was a popular choice and seemed promising. Our expansion there was more challenging than anticipated, and without the necessary resources, it didn't yield the expected returns. Recognizing this, we have shifted our focus back to serving the clients who often feel overlooked. These clients have been fundamental to our success and continue to be our priority." #FailedIt

For the Record

Book recommendation
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Your hometown

Your coffee order
Lukewarm black coffee.

Favorite way to unwind in the Ozarks?
Wake surfing on Table Rock Lake with his four kids.

Meaningful mentors
His parents, Louis and Mary Lou Toth.

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