Mark Hecquet

President/CEO, Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mark Hecquet
Photo by Brandon AlmsMark Hecquet is President/CEO, Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau. Purchase Photo

Instant Boost
Running around Lake Springfield, cycling or swimming at the Y

Meaningful Supporter
Tracy Kimberlin, previous president of CVB

Top Event 
To be determined. “I have no idea. Every day I’m immersing myself further into the community, to do and see as much as possible. I can’t wait to visit them all!”

From the moment he landed at the airport, Mark Hecquet knew he wanted to be a part of the Springfield community.

For 16 years, he served as the President and CEO of Travel Butler County, promoting the travel and tourism industry in southwestern Ohio. He knew little about Springfield, but he was very interested in a new challenge. He found it the moment he arrived, he says.

“From getting off the plane, meeting the first people in the airport, the welcomeness I felt, I knew it was a community I wanted to be a part of,” says Hecquet. As the president of the Springfield Convention & Visitor Bureau, Hecquet sees himself as a champion for the tourism industry, the community he serves, and a challenger to the status quo. As someone totally new to the area, he views his fresh perspective as a strength—and a tool for innovation.

“Mark not only brings experience from the industry but he’s also brought a new challenge and energy to our team to rethink, reimagine and renew,” said Megan Buchbinder, director of marketing for the CVB. “It is an exciting time for tourism in Springfield. As a key economic driver for Springfield, there is a lot of momentum around tourism-related projects in the city. It is the perfect time to have Mark here at the beginning stages to lead the organization.”

With his team and in the community, he poses strategic questions and proposes bold ideas, encouraging people to think differently about what’s possible in their hometown. In every interaction, he encourages decisions to increase tourism.

“‘Why not?’ is the question I ask myself every day,” he says. “There’s no reason why we can’t have best-in-class tourism right here. We’ve got the most popular attraction in Missouri. We’re the birthplace of Route 66. We’ve got elements that draw people from all over the world. The recent Hamilton production generated over $10 million in spending,  but what’s the next Hamilton? Let’s think really, really big. What’s possible? My challenge is to find out, and showcase the world to Springfield.”

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