Jessica Harmison Olson

Owner, Maxon Fine Jewelry

Jessica Harmison Olson
Photo by Brandon AlmsJessica Harmison Olson is owner of Maxon Fine Jewelry. Purchase Photo

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Jerry and Jean Harmison. “Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, and when I was growing up, they put a lot of hours and sweat and tears into what they were doing. They’re my inspiration and my best source for advice.”

Jessica Harmison Olson was hooked after her first sale. It was 2016 and her first day at Maxon Fine Jewelry. She had made a career change, leaving a CPA firm for something new that made her smile.

“The first person I recognized who came through the door, I was so excited,” she says. “He bought a ring as a birthday present for his wife, and he was with his two little boys. That was so fun and it made me want to help all our clients celebrate life’s milestones, to make them shine.”

Three years later, Jessica became a partner at Maxon Fine Jewelry, entering into an agreement with the previous owners to eventually purchase the established brand. She completed the purchase in February 2023, keeping every member of the veteran team at Maxon, all older than her. Now, she leads them with a spirit of collaboration, celebrating sales goals and encouraging dynamic relationship-building practices that keep generations of customers coming back for more.

“Jessica is a collaborator; she does not make decisions in silos and wants to gather the input of those around her,” says Katie Jones, account executive at Revel Advertising and Olson’s 10 for the Next 10 nominator. “That means that her vision for the future is not just her own, but it encompasses the vision of those around her, too. As she has taken more of the reins at Maxon, I think she does a great job honoring the past, while looking for opportunities to embrace the future and adapt as needed.”

One way Olson is adapting the landmark retailer is with a strategic emphasis on customization and sustainability. By combining technology and craftsmanship, her clients can update an heirloom piece or design a dream item, utilizing gems and diamonds that meet ever-elevating ethical standards.

“Our bench jeweler is amazing, and I try to give every member of our team the freedom to do something different, to innovate,” she says. “A second location is a dream, but I want to explore ideas and keep innovating as a business owner and keep saying yes, to keep my customers and team happy. I lead with a sense of joy and a lot of sparkle.”

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