Cade Rogers

Principal, HC Rogers Construction

Cade Rogers
Photo by Brandon AlmsCade Rogers is Principal at HC Rogers Construction. Purchase Photo

Instant Boost
A round of golf at Hickory Hills Country Club

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Mother’s Fest at Mother’s Brewing Co.

Meaningful Mentor
Rick Spencer, superintendent for HC Rogers Construction. “He was my first boss in construction, and I got him to come out of retirement and work for me.”

When Cade Rogers was 15, he knew exactly what he wanted to do: not be in an office.

“My dad was a banker and when I was 15, I worked organizing files in a file room, and it was the worst job,” he says. “I swore I would never work an office job. My dad introduced me to a contractor, and from day one, I fell in love. I started working for Rick before I could drive.”

A couple of decades later, Rogers is now the principal at HC Rogers Construction, a growing construction company based in Springfield. He started the business in 2014, after years of experience in construction and real estate development in Thailand, New Zealand, Chicago and across the United States. But he chose Springfield to start a construction company because he loved the community and saw the opportunity to grow within it.

In 2022, HC Rogers completed a number of significant new residential developments and commercial projects. From the 55+ community Tera Vera to Kids First childcare center and more than 50 high-end homes, HC Rogers is pushing the boundaries and elevating the aesthetic of new construction.

“Our work is helping to build the new Springfield,” he says. “As the core gets torn down and rebuilt, we’re at the center of building the buildings that will define the city center and help grow it outwards. There are a lot of people moving here from Colorado, New York, LA. With them comes a bigger city mindset, and they’re looking for new spaces, different housing options. Our city has to come together to meet the demand.”

To build the next phase of Springfield, Rogers knows he can’t do it alone. Connecting and managing employees, plus dozens of subcontractors and their hundreds of employees, is his favorite part of the work. Because at its heart, construction is about people, he says.

“Cade is a great networker,” says Josh Sullivan, founder, partner and creative director at Fried Design Company. “He’s got a great network of contractors and specialists to help him complete his projects. He’s doing huge things in Springfield, but he kind of flies under the radar about it. I like that.”

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