Derek Shimeall, co-owner of 4 By 4 Brewing Company
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Co-Owner of 4 By 4 Brewing Company

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Breakthrough Moment: “When I realized I could take an idea and dream, research, learn, ask questions and be told no many times and still open a business that was met with excitement and demand immediately.”

A little more than three years ago, Derek Shimeall and his wife, Danielle, along with three couples set out to build a community-focused neighborhood taproom when they started 4 By 4 Brewing Company in the Galloway area. Now, the brewery is building a second location in Fremont Hills and has been instrumental in helping grow the craft beer industry and Springfield tourism with a focus on giving back to local charities.

Shimeall enjoys seeing the growth and support of the community for 4 By 4. “We had a passion for good beer but more so for a culture of meeting people, making friends, connecting with the community and supporting charity,” Shimeall says. 4 By 4 has joined with other local breweries to implement a tap and pour passbook to help increase Springfield tourism. They helped create Springfield Craft Beer Collective, which connects all the breweries together to focus on giving back to the community.

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With the new facility, 4 By 4 hopes to continue this tradition in the Ozark area. “This will be a much larger facility that takes in everything we learned at our current Galloway location and allows us to put all our dreams into one package,” Shimeall says. The new space will include a large indoor facility/taproom with more event space, meeting space and an indoor beer garden full of games and activities. There will also be a considerably larger outdoor space with both covered and uncovered patio areas as well as much more green space to spread out and enjoy company outside.

The new location allows 4 By 4 to partner with Mueller to grow beer production capacity, which results in more product in the 417 market as well as potentially further around the state. “We will take our three-plus years of work and learning to develop a hands-on-approach brewery for more efficiencies, better product qualities and most importantly to grow and to employ more people with the 4 By 4 Family,” Shimeall says.

Shimeall and the 4 By 4 crew are excited about continuing to make an impact on the craft beer scene. “I think we will see considerable tourism to the area, boosting revenues for hotels, restaurants and shops as well as tax revenues,” he says. “We are striving to make our taproom a true destination microbrewery.” They also want to partner with the Fremont Hills community, as well as Ozark and Nixa, just as they have done in Springfield in the Galloway area to support important initiatives and charities that help give back to the community.

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