Nailed It Failed It

Share your triumphs and stumbles with us on Twitter with the hashtag #naileditfailedit.

Kyle Drenon

​“I started a branding program for new real estate agents at Murney. We take them through the process of logo design, a consistent design in all their media and a strategy for how best to reach the clients and areas in which they’d like to work. Branding is essential, and I believe this program has helped many of agents achieve a better awareness in their spheres.” #NailedIt

“When I first started at Murney, we had a big open house weekend called Open House Extravaganza. I made a full page ad in the [Springfield] News-Leader, social media posts, the works. The biggest word on the ads was ‘extravaganza.’ I spelled it ‘extravanganza.’ People still make jokes about that, as well they should.” #FailedIt

Jason Frantz

“Early in my career, I designed a piece of furniture, [and I] overlooked one tiny detail: It wouldn’t make a turn through the door at the end of a narrow hallway. After 20 minutes of measuring and twisting and turning, I was faced with the horror and embarrassment of starting over #FailedIt.

“The quick-thinking homeowner came to the rescue by opening a window and removing a screen, allowing us to bring the piece straight into the room and bypass the troublesome hallway #NailedIt. There’s a ton of variables when designing and building custom furniture, but that’s a lesson I only had to learn once!”

Dan Seawel

​“I felt like I #NailedIt the first time I closed a deal that started with a cold call. It’s great to get referrals and repeat business, but when you top a mountain without a boost, it’s very satisfying.”

“Last year we had a lunch meeting with a client’s decision-makers. We were having Mexican food and discussing a deal we had hoped to iron out and finalize. About 15 minutes into the meeting, I managed to spill an entire bowl of salsa all over myself. I looked tragic. One of them equated it to a scene from Saving Private Ryan! But, we got some napkins, had a few laughs about it, and, in spite of my clumsiness, we had a productive meeting. Lesson learned though, I still avoid salsa in public settings.” #FailedIt

Shannon Singleton

“At Staffing Plus, we have the opportunity to provide jobs to individuals that are looking for work who might not have had an opportunity previously, who might need a second chance or who are ready to turn it around and show their skills. We share several success stories of placing individuals in on going jobs, and there is no greater sense of accomplishment than when someone celebrates being offered a full time job after being in a temporary position. That, to me, is #NailingIt!

“As I watch my oldest boy play in competitive baseball, I am humbled by his diligence, persistence and his passion to perform. I had the opportunity to play college basketball for a small Christian college in Georgia. However, my level of commitment was nowhere near my oldest son’s. After two years of playing, I quit. Looking back, I wish I had the same commitment to hard work that I do now. I am certain a lot of things would have played out differently.” #FailedIt

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