Nailed it Failed It: Tyson Petty and Britton Jobe

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#Nailed It Failed It: Tyson Petty

Like many entrepreneurs striking out for the first time, Petty didn’t always receive support while developing HYJAX. “When you want to create something that has never been created before, everyone wants to tell you how many ways you can’t do it,” he says. “They will give you a hundred reasons why you can’t design, create and sell your item.” He proved those naysayers wrong and #NailedIt when HYJAX hit the market.
Of course, not everything went as planned. “I have never been known for my spelling abilities,” Petty says. “When I created 2,000 expensive business cards for HYJAX, I had an extremely bad grammar mistake on the back. None of them have ever been used.” #FailedIt

#Nailed It Failed It: Britton Jobe

“My proudest accomplishment was having the opportunity to argue in front of the Missouri Supreme Court,” says Jobe, who argued the case with a fellow Neale & Newman attorney. “That was the first time I really had tracked a case from the beginning all the way until the very end, so that was such a neat opportunity so early in my career.” #NailedIt
Not every day in court has been so smooth for Jobe. “The first time I ever went to federal court, I went with a partner, and he said the only thing that you have to remember when you go to federal court is you have to bring your ID. I said, ‘That’s easy. I can handle that.’ Of course I show up, and I don’t have an ID. I guess I had left my wallet in the office or in my briefcase at the office. He still gives me a hard time to this day.” #FailedIt

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