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Start planning your team-building event today with Andy B’s.
417.883.1234 | andybspringfield.com

What makes andy b’s a great place to have a team-building event?

Mollie: Happiness has increasingly been a focus for many companies looking to help improve morale. Happier employees are more productive and loyal. That is what Andy B’s is all about. We have so many fun things to do here between our giant arcade games, themed laser tag and luxury bowling. The environment is very upbeat with our LED light shows and different genres of music videos that play on our huge screens. Everything is taken care of for you. Our event coordinators help to plan your perfect event, and our exceptional service staff even delivers lane-side.


Do you have any packages available for team-building?

Mollie: Yes. We strive to make it easy to plan any type of event, and a team builder is no exception. We have you covered with several packages to choose from. We will even customize packages to fit your needs. Some of our clients prefer to come in for some fun as a bonding experience with great food & drinks. Others prefer a more structured event facilitated by our GM, JR Huyck.  


Do you offer a catering menu?

Mollie: Probably the biggest surprise to our clients is that we offer a full-service catering menu. It has become the lifeblood of our business to have great food and drinks in this beautiful facility. Our catering menu features a variety of delicious appetizers and options for the best-tasting lunch or dinner served in our Event Suites or lane-side as you bowl. We happily invite prospective clients in for a private tasting and tour.


Do you have private space to hold meetings or training sessions before or after the event?

Mollie: We have two great spaces available! The Event Suites on our lower level can accommodate up to 125 people. Our VIB Lounge also serves as a great auditorium. We offer full audio-visual services including a podium, microphones, LCD screens and projectors. We provide all tables needed covered with cloth linens, china, glassware and silverware to give your event that extra special touch. We even provide a custom stage that can sit on top of the lanes, perfect for any presentation before or after your team-building experience. 


What does a Team Builder look like at Andy B’s?

Mollie: We specialize in groups of 12 to 64, although we can customize for larger groups as well. The two-hour experience includes a laser tag tournament, arcade game frenzy, then Bingo bowling races in our VIB Lounge. Every event usually has a surprise or two along the way. Our GM, JR Huyck, facilitates the fun, while his team of scorekeepers keeps everyone rolling and aware of how their team stands. In the end, prizes are awarded to all teams!


What are the takeaways for the employees? how does all this fun make a difference at work?

Mollie: Simply put, we create an environment that fosters positive interactions between co-workers having a blast. The result is they find common ground between each other and gain respect along the way. Nothing beats the laughs that turn into great memories. That’s where Andy B’s shines. 


Start planning your team-building event today with Race 2 xcape.
417-719-4127 |  race2xcape.com

Why would someone choose Race 2 Xcape for a team-building event?

Aaron: Race 2 Xcape is not just a social outing for a company. When teams race against the clock in our rooms, they must use team-building skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership and creativity in a fun and safe environment. These are the very same skills that employers are trying to instill in their employees with team building-activities, and we can meet those needs. Our goal is for corporate groups to walk away from Race 2 Xcape with increased team-building skills, their moral boosted and many entertaining memories made.


What is an escape room?

Aaron: An escape room is a live-action, team-based game where people discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks to complete the goal of escaping a themed room within a specific time limit.  Participants cannot just reach for their cell phone to find answers. Teams must rely on wit, creativity, communication, problem-solving, logic and even a bit of luck to be successful. Escape rooms provide intellectual stimulation, socialization, some physical manipulation and a thrill ride all in a meager 60-minute timeframe.


How does Race 2 Xcape promote practical business skills?

Aaron: There are several roles within a successful corporate team such as leaders, evaluators, encouragers, organizers and idea people. Every team player has a similar role and task that is important to the success of completing our escape rooms. We also provide team members with an experience that promotes lots of discussion in which everyone participates, has a specific goal to accomplish where everyone is committed to helping each other and encourages group members to become comfortable overcoming differences in opinions while learning from their mistakes within an informal, exciting, risk-free atmosphere.

Who is your typical customer?

Aaron: Due to the complexity of the games, anyone ages 5 and older can play in our escape rooms. We have had customers with a variety of disabilities that have been able to participate and enjoy the experience. Our rooms are large enough that claustrophobia should not be an issue. Our rooms are not scary, with the exception of a Halloween room coming in late September. We host many corporate, school and church groups. Customers frequently ask if they need to bring anything or have prior knowledge in order to participate. All information and tools required are provided by us with the exception of reading glasses or hearing aids, if needed.  


What makes your escape room unique for corporate team-building events?

Aaron: Unlike most other escape room businesses who tend to focus primarily on the general public as their target market with a sideline of smaller corporate team building groups, we focus on corporations as our primary target market and are open to the general public evenings and weekends as our secondary market. We host team-building events and provide corporations an excellent service that is professional and well-organized with the most modern and up-to-date facilities available. Our conference room is available to rent for meetings. Amenities include tables and chairs, Wi-Fi access, Smart TV for presentations and complimentary coffee and bottled water. A separate room is available if companies wish to provide a catered meal. We can host up to 42 people in one session, utilizing all of our escape rooms simultaneously. We can accommodate groups larger than 42 by booking back to back sessions. Our staff would be happy to provide a tour of our facility and escape rooms for any potential customer.


How does Race 2 Xcape integrate with other team-building businesses?

Aaron: Race 2 Xcape does not teach team-building programs like FISH Philosophy or conduct Myers/Briggs training. Ultimately, we would like to form relationships with local businesses that do teach team building and provide corporate training. Our facility can provide the environment for trainees to apply their techniques in a unique experience.



Start planning your team-building event today with branson zipline. 
800.717.0998 | bransonzipline.com


Why choose Branson Zipline Canopy Tours as a team-building destination?

Russ: Every part of Branson Zipline Canopy Tours is about shared experiences. Typically there are up to 12 zipliners on each tour with two fully trained ACCT certified guides. Accommodations for larger groups can be made. Our tours are low impact and everyone from ages 6 to 96 are able to participate. Taking a zipline canopy tour with us doesn’t feel like a forced attempt at making people work together, but rather you and your team are actually participating together in a one-of-a-kind fun eco-adventure. Being in a different environment outside of work and in the beautiful Ozark Mountains allows your team members to interact authentically with each other. Working together to accomplish something as unique as soaring through the air or crossing a sky bridge can create a bonding experience that is mutually rewarding and exhilarating.


What makes Branson Zipline Canopy Tours different?

Russ: We place safety first. We replace our lines every year, use only full body harnesses, our guides are safety certified and the guides as well as the course either meet or exceed ACCT standards. Our zipline canopy tours are actually on a forest preserve—Wolfe Creek Preserve. We are considered one of the most unique zipline canopy tours in the world. That’s because we actually are a themed destination centered on the story of Isaac, Eli and Sarah Wolfe, and every part of Wolfe Creek Preserve ties back to the story. We also offer North America’s first commercial power-fan free fall on the Blue Streak Fast Line & Free Fall Xpress: You zip from the top of Wolfe Mountain to a 100-foot tall tower and then you dismount via the free fall! Our goal—whether you are visiting as an individual, with a group, on a celebration get-together or crossing something off your bucket list—is to make this a memorable experience where you’ll feel like part of our happy family.


Who can participate at Branson Zipline Canopy Tours?

Russ: There are minimum and maximum weight qualifications, which you can check on our website at BransonZipline.com. Of course we think everyone should zip with us! One of our founders actually choose to create Branson Zipline Canopy Tours after going on a zipline in Alaska. He realized it was one of the most awesome things he had ever done with his son and loved how well it bonded them. He thought being close to Branson where folks of all shapes, sizes and ages come was the perfect place for zipline canopy tours, and he was right!


What can you do at Branson Zipline Canopy Tours?

Russ: Our world class eco-adventure includes authentic zipline canopy tours. During these experiences you’ll soar through the trees above the forest fauna while traversing a series of ziplines, sky bridges, platforms and towers. Each of our zipline canopy tours offers something unique along with different number of lines, towers and sky bridges. The premiere experience is the Canopy Adventure Combo which includes both the Ozarks Xplorer (which takes you through the complete zipline canopy course) and the Blue Streak Fast Line & Free Fall Xpress.  We also offer the Guided Wolfe Creek Photo Safari Walking Tour and Ol’ Blue Gemstone Mining. Wolfe Creek Station features the Ozarks most unique gift shop. For groups we have private party and meeting places.


What’s the best way to set up a group experience?

Russ: If you’re interested in creating a team-building experience or bringing a group or special event to us, please give me a call at 800-717-0998 or e-mail me at GroupSales@BransonZipline.com. I want to hear from you and find out how I can make your visit to Branson Zipline Canopy Tours the Eco-Adventure of a Lifetime! 



Start planning your team-building event today with Amberg Events.
 417-736-9409 | ambergevents.com

How exactly would you define “Team Building”? 

Ted: To our team at Amberg, it’s much more than that. It’s about creating a lasting experience. It’s not just the rope courses and trust falls that many think about when picturing team building. It’s about raising morale and confidence in each other as well as in the company by team members—AND in many cases their families. We accomplish this by offering many different styles of team-building events. The idea is to not only provide something fun, but at the end of the day have everyone thinking, “Wow, it feels like that was put on just for me!”


When should a company consider doing team-building events?

Ted: Many companies think of only having teambuilding events when times are good. That is a great time to do it, but in reality, it can be very effective to hold company morale-building events when things are not as sunshine and rainbows as they might like. This is because morale is at its lowest when employees are worried about layoffs and downsizing, etc. This is the time that employees need to understand that they are valued and part of a team. Studies have shown that employees with higher morale are more productive, miss fewer days, and add more to a company’s well-being through ideas and feedback than someone who is unhappy or nervous about their job. 


Why would someone choose you as the place to do team building?

Ted: The beauty is that we are not the place to go. We travel to where the clients are and adapt each event we do to match what they are looking for. That means that each location we travel to, be it their site or a resort, park, etc., we can work our fun into the existing environment, producing a truly one-of-a-kind event. We do not have “packages.” We create each experience from the ground up and make sure it’s tailored to match the existing synergy and dynamic of the group. We like to be considered our clients “Secret Event-Planning Weapon.” We do all the work and let our clients take the bow. 


What does team building look like at your business?

Ted: That’s a great question. We do this for a living, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to have fun yourself! We always try to remember to have fun and bond as a group for the same reason it’s important in other companies. One way we do this is by having company fun days where we do something together as a group in an effort to create great morale and team unity. This might include doing actual team-building exercises, trying out our new attractions, going to play putt-putt and go-carts or even heading to a location for bowling or pizza. When our team is motivated, we can clearly see the difference in productivity.


Can you paint a picture of a typical company morale building event you might put on? 

Ted: Absolutely! I think our most popular form of team building is one where the whole family gets together along with other families to celebrate. Typically this can be in the form of an event such as a company picnic. We actually specialize in company picnics and travel to more than 20 states orchestrating them. The real secret to a successful picnic is making sure that we do as much of the heavy lifting prior to the event. The people in charge of the events typically have much more to worry about, and knowing that we can come in and make them look good is key.

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