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Make Your Office Garden Thrive

Beautify your office space with these tips from Nolan Hardison, owner of plantscaping company Dream Grower.

Considering a Career Change? Steps to Make the Switch

Job searching is stressful enough without attempting to land a position in a new industry, but that shouldn’t stop you. Two experts discuss how to successfully change fields.

Add Additional Revenue Streams the Smart Way

Growth comes in many forms, but planning is a must before launching a new revenue stream. Ollis/Akers/Arney Insurance & Business Advisors shares the playbook it used when creating its HR and...

Starting from Scratch

Participating in The eFactory’s accelerator is a whirlwind process. In just 12 weeks, entrepreneurs create business plans, develop products and soak up as much insight as they possibly can from...

Hiring Made Easy

Software from companies like ADP allows human resources directors and managers to focus on strategic growth instead of implementing reactive policies.

How Virtual Reality Can Work for Your Business

Charlie Rosenbury, owner of Self Interactive, is educating 417-land on the utilities of virtual reality in the business world. Here are three areas he says companies can deploy the developing...

Automation Security Risks: How to Stay Safe

Even though automation is innovating companies, it can also make them more vulnerable. Cybersecurity expert Shannon McMurtrey, who is an assistant professor of management information systems at...

MowBotix: Automated Lawn Mowing

Summers spent brush hogging his parents’ farm in Conway, Missouri, inspired Lee Hicks and his wife, Meagan, to create an automated lawn mowing startup.

After 73 Years, Jay Key Service Remains Open to Change

Jay Key Service has a long history of change and transformation as new generations have stepped up to lead.

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